Labour’s immigration nightmares and the Profumo affair

Is our perception of Pope Francis simply an invention of the liberal media? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, The Catholic Herald’s Luke Coppen and Freddy Gray discuss how the world has fallen in love with this ‘Fantasy Francis’, what might happen if the real Francis (whoever he may be’) is discovered and why he’s replaced Obama as a leftie pinup. Demos’ David Goodhart, The Spectator’s Isabel Hardman and Tim Finch from the IPPR also discuss Labour’s immigration nightmares. Is the party in a more difficult position than the Conservatives? And has Ed Miliband apologised enough for the mistakes they made? Plus, author Richard Davenport-Hines discusses William Astor’s article on the Profumo affair, its enduring appeal to the British public and why he loves Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s new musical Stephen Ward. You can subscribe to the View from 22 through iTunes and have it delivered to your computer every week, or you can use the embedded player below: