Job Fairs

A job fair is also referred commonly as a career fair or career expo. It is a fair or exposition for employers, recruiters, and schools to meet with prospective job seekers. Job fairs are good places to meet many company representatives from corporations of all industries and sizes during a short period of time. Every job fair has a set of similar, basic elements or processes that require your attention. Job fair networking can be generally described as the process of interacting with, obtaining contact details of, and getting to know corporate recruiters. The first Myanmar Job Fair was held at the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) headquarters on Min Ye Kyaw Swar Road in Lanmadaw township from March 17 to 18, 2012. A second job fair-2012 was launched in Myanmar's Yangon Aug. 24 -26 in a bid to reduce unemployment rate in the country and to create job opportunities for youths. Nearly 100 local and foreign companies participate in the three- day job fair organized by Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association (MYEA). The opening of the Third Myanmar Job Fair, organized by Myanmar Youth Entrepreneurs Association under the supervision of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, took place at Tatmadaw Convention Hall at U Wisaya Road in Dagon Township on 2 June 2013. Conducting the Job Fair aimed at creating job opportunities for the youths. The onus is on the government and private sectors to ensure youth employment. Such kind of job fair serves as a platform for both employers and employees.He called for human resources development through job fairs. Fourth Myanma Job Fair was held in 2013. The fair was aimed, to meet the employers who will create job opportunities and prospective job seekers, to get more more job opportunities for the youth, to meet directly and seek job at least cost and time without needing to pay overhead cost for services. The fair was held at Tatmadaw Hall, U Wisara Road, Yangon from 21 December 2013 to 23 December 2013.  

First Myanmar job fair in Singapore

Career Development Consultancy , CDC, Singapore hosted a job fair for job opportunities in Myanmar for the first time in the Southeast Asian country soon. The 1st Myanmar Job Fair was aimed at Myanmar engineers, technicians and scholars working in Singapore with strong international experience. CDC wanted the people working in Singapore to come back to Myanmar and work there. CDC wanted to inform them which job opportunities they have there. Local and multinational companies working in Myanmar participated in the fair. Available job opportunities were displayed in the fair. The fair was held in Peninsula Excelsior Hotel of Singapore on August 17-18 in 2013.  

Second Myanmar JOB FAIR in Singapore

Spurred by the overwhelming interest and response of the First Myanmar Job Fair in Singapore, Career Development Consultancy Co Ltd (CDC) held a bigger second Myanmar Job Fair in Singapore with even more participating companies than the first. This event was held on the Saturday 2nd (9am - 5pm) and 3rd (1pm - 5pm) of November 2013 at the Peninsula Excelsior Hotel Grand Ballroom. This time, CDC has brought with more than 15 leading multinational and local companies in Myanmar. Their participation at this event shows that they are interested in providing exciting careers back home for Myanmars who have been studying and working abroad. The demand to bring talent back is still high. By the same token, Myanmars abroad can look forward to being part of the cast that shapes the changing landscape in Myanmar's economy by joining these companies. By signing up, the job seeker may have a chance of being picked for an instant interview during Job Fair.