Employment and Skills Development Law takes effect in Myanmar

Myanmar Employment and Skills Development Law has been in effect since Friday, according to an announcement signed by President U Thein Sein and made public on Saturday. The Employment and Skills Development Law covers creating job opportunities, reducing the unemployment rate, developing discipline and capability of employees. The law also covers conducting training to employees systematically and technically, dispatching employees to attend external training courses to promote their skills in the workplace. The law allowed using youths over 16 years of age as apprentices and giving them trainings in accordance with rules and regulations laid down by the Skills Development Association. Meanwhile, Myanmar's National Skill Standard Authority (NSSA) was founded to provide skill training courses to meet 2015 ASEAN job market demands. In March 2012, the Labor Organization Law was enacted in accordance with the provisions of International Labor Organization (ILO) and its recommendations. Myanmar and the ILO reached the agreement in February 2007 on the establishment of a complaint mechanism for victims of forced labor. Myanmar government also claimed it had exposed some forced labor cases in the country over the past few years based on public complaints and had taken punitive actions to show its implementation of international norms against forced labor.